Shure mxw control software

The facility manager is able to control all the devices on a remote location via the browserbased application whenever the rooms are used. Shure incorporated doubleclick on any apt to open the mxw system control software. Shure p300mxa310mxa910 enabling and troubleshooting mute. Jan 10, 2017 qsc and shure have announced the expanded integration of shure microflex advance and microflex wireless microphones with the entire qsys platform. Any updates available for shure devices will populate. With an interchangeable microphone cartridge, the shure mxw2 features dual transmit antennas that maximize transmission strength based on the users hand placement. Mxw control software a reboot option is added to mxwapt device properties. The microflex wireless platform was developed by shure with innovative conferencing spaces in mind, providing flexible and elegant solutions for capturing and managing vivid, lifelike sound in managed meeting environments. Shure microflex wireless for doctors of bc headquarters in. Access the software via the shure web device discovery application.

Enter default password enter the default password admin to access the control software. Network port 4 uplink connect to a corporate network for access to the control software. Shure mxw1o bodypack transmitter wintegrated omni mic. It uses automated frequency coordination to assign clean frequencies to wireless microphones and manages twoway wireless transmission of encrypted audio and control signals. With a lowprofile design with a lowprofile design and cardioid or omnidirectional polar pattern options, the mxw6 allows flexible placement with excellent audio capture on any. The shure mxw8 is compatible with 5 inch, 10 inch, and 15 inch microflex gooseneck microphones. The partnership includes the release of new control plugins for the shure mxa910 ceiling array microphone and microflex wireless microphone systems. Making onsite installation and project management simple. Each mxw microphone is powered from a rechargeable lithiumion battery, which can be charged at any time without removal from the microphone.

Lowprofile, wireless boundary mic for the microflex wireless system. It features 12x4 analog audio io, a bose amplink output, and advanced digital signal processing with 48 khz24bit audio conversion. An openarchitecture dsp, the bose professional controlspace esp1240a engineered sound processor is designed for a wide variety of applications from small, selfcontained projects to large, networked systems. Its decided to provide enterprise customers with great sound from a simpletouse, wireless microphone solution. Shure mxw6c cardioid boundary microphone transmitter. Easytouse and freetodownload, the shure update utility helps you update compatible shure products while managing all of your device firmware. The mxw8 gooseneck base transmitter from shure is a bidirectional base transmitter for optional gooseneck microphones and is compatible with shure s microflex wireless system. Battery statistics are viewable from the control software battery runtime, time to full charge, charge cycle count and battery capacity. Systemon detects problems before they become critical and responds quickly and efficiently. Browserbased control software offers comprehensive remote monitoring and control of all settings and status parameters over the web, a corporate network or an av local area network. Software control software for the mxw audio network interface the mxw audio network interface features a control software to mange the analog inputs and outputs of the mxw system, in addition to the 4port gigabit switch on the back panel of the network interface.

The system is fully compatible with control and automation systems and other downstream equipment, reducing setup time and streamlining the workflow when using a complete av system. Remotely view spectrum usage and remaining battery life in hours and minutes, adjust audio levels, set mute button and light ring behavior, pair a spare backup microphone, and configure system connections. A modern audio network cant do its job with outdated software and the time you spend searching for each latest version is time lost. In addition, specific microphones in the shure catalog, including the microflex wireless series, can pass audio to the qsys platform via aes67, all without additional dante io card hardware. Shure mxw series wireless system microflex wireless system wireless system provides elegant solutions for enabling vivid sound in av conferencing from custom boardrooms to networked enterprises. Use the shure web device discovery application to navigate to the web ui of the shure p300. With per channel analog outputs and a versatile 4port gigabit switch, it is the central point for connecting and distributing microflex wireless. The shure mxw6 is a boundary microphone transmitter compatible with microflex wireless systems. With a lowprofile design and cardioid or omnidirectional polar pattern options, the mxw6 allows flexible placement with excellent audio. By default, all mxw devices have the password admin applied to the control.

Shureplus motiv mobile recording app offers recording, monitoring, and control with all shure motiv digital microphones and recording solutions. The mxwani is an 8channel audio network interface compatible with microflex wireless microphone systems that enables easy outofthebox system setup with no additional networking hardware required. The mxwapt is a 4channel wireless access point compatible with microflex wireless microphone systems. Apr 17, 2019 shures popular microflex microphones line includes an array of mics and mounting options. Discussion and conferencing microflextm wireless series. Over exposure to excessive sound levels can damage your ears resulting in permanent noiseinduced hearing loss nihl. Please use the following guidelines established by the occupational safety health administration osha on maximum. Buy the shure mxw1o bodypack transmitter wintegrated omni mic z10 19201930 mhz at planetdj. Wireless system provides elegant solutions for enabling vivid sound in av conferencing from custom boardrooms to networked enterprises. Comprehensive software tools for remote adjustment and monitoring.

User guides, architect specs, best practices, brochures, cad, command strings, frequency charts, port protocols, quick start guides. Low vip pricing, financing and free shipping available. The application can be set to open by ip address or dns name selectable from the pref erences dropdown. Works with microflex wireless offers up to 9 hours of continuous use with internal lithiumion batteries and features a usb charging port features aes 256bit encryption for secure transmission and bidirectio. This data is transmitted over all mxw components connected to the network. Power to the unit via poe and dante digital networked audio are both supplied over a single ethernet cable to.

The mxwncs4 4port networked charging station from shure is designed to provide networked charging for up to 4 microflex wireless transmitter units. Legendary shure quality advanced networking and control component overview 6 microphone transmitters access point transceiver mxwapt4, mxwapt8 audio network interface mxwani4, mxwani8 networked charging station mxwncs4, mxwncs8 mxw control software basic system concepts 7 technology overview of the audio path. Open the mxw control software from the shure web device discovery app. A 4channel shure ulxd digital wireless system, also danteenabled, allows presenters to opt for a handheld beta58 or wl185 lavalier microphone. Downloads and release notes for shure software and firmware. When port 4 uplink mode is enabled, dante audio and controller data are excluded from this port. Spectrum scanner accurately displays graphs and font sizes for all languages. Shure and qsc have codeveloped a control plugin for their microflex wireless microphone series. Gui and 3rd party control the shure control carries data for the gui operation, firmware updates and 3rd party control systems amx, crestron, extron. Shure systemon audio asset management software tracks battery life, audio levels and rfspectrum status in real time and enables it administrators and av technicians to monitor and control shure hardware devices remotely. Shure mxw8 desktop base transceivermxw8 is compatible with 5, 10, and 15 microflex gooseneck microphones. Meeting room setup with the microflex wireless system. Listen to audio from a return channel for translation, cueing, or program material.

Shure mxw2sm58 microflex wireless handheld transmitter with. Mxw1 bodypack transmitter user manual shure orporated. Thanks to its networking abilities, the mxwncs4 can display charge time info to networked computers in addition to being able to assign channels to docked transmitters. Shure mxw2 microflex wireless handheld transmitter with. Adjust ip settings for each device by selecting the device properties. All components are accessible over ethernet networks with microflex wireless control software or thirdparty control systems, including amx and crestron. Shure mxw8z10 microflex wireless desktop base transceiver.

Enables return channel audio and realtime remote control of all wireless microphone settings. Control space esp1240a engineered sound processor bose. Microflex microphones the mxw microphones are available in gooseneck, boundary, handheld and bodypack models. Mxw8 features a stylish, contoured design and minimal footprint, complementing any conference setting. Perfect for any conference room, the shure mxw8 desktop base has an attractive design. Shure mxw6c boundary wireless microphone transmitter. When the participant inserts their nfc id card into a compatible mxcseries or mxcwseries conference unit, they will be identified by name instead of seat number.

In 20, shure introduced the shure microflex wireless system. Microflex wireless enterprise scale microphone solutions. The shure nfc programming application is a free tool that allows you to program nfc identification cards with a meeting participants first and last name. Microflex wireless wireless microphone systems shure. The wireless control software makes managing and monitoring of the system and its environments more efficient than ever before. Comprehensive software control integrated microflex wireless control software supports setup and allows realtime remote control of a system. Shure is always bringing new and updated products to market. The shure mxw2 handheld transmitters are constructed with durability and superb audio in mind.

Lithiumion chemistry and intelligent shure circuitry results in a rechargeable battery with no memory effect. Here you can find details of the superseded and discontinued lines. Meeting room setup with the microflex wireless system recommendations for corporations preferring one comprehensive solution to cater for all audio needs, the microflex wireless system is the ideal choice. Shure mxw6o boundary wireless microphone transmitter. The system also allows for custom integration with creston media control. Specialordered from shure and usually ships to you within 12 weeks. Easy to configure and expand, microflex wireless solutions scale from group workspaces to networked enterprises. Users will see a warning message when modifying rf coordination mode so they are aware of possible interference between devices or the potential impact on mxw microphone performance. With its browserbased microflex wireless control software and rackmounted audio network interface, shure mxw connects easily with other av networks.

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