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Small arms of the civil war american battlefield trust. I am interested in everything from individual items to boxes of miscellaneous dug civil war relics. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in 19th century firearms. This essential overview of the legendary guns and armsmakers of the civil war era includes exquisite photography of the handguns, rifles, and. Soldiers carried smooth bore muskets, which were long gun muzzle loaders see illustration above that shot about 300 feet. These books are in mint condition and filled with rare photographs, sketches, and color paintings of battles and officers and men of the civil war. The civil war brought many advancements in firearms technology, most notably the widespread use of rifled barrels. A listing of american military dealers and collecting accessories. Civil war confederate, lees lieutenants 3 vol illustrated maps book set. Hardee later to become a confederate lieutenant general updated it to include information on rifles, but he still assumed the use of linear formations in the book. Background edit this collection contain smoothbore flintlocks converted into percussion muskets, some with their barrels rifled in the decades leading up to the civil war, numerous advances had been made in small arms technology.

Here is a minty bullet known to many as a palmetto sharps bullet. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order 1toz. There are a total of 86 civil war guns 18611865 in the military factory. The civil war a narrative by shelby foote, excellent condition, complete 9 volu. The gun has the assembly number 21 on the barrel and buttplate and the bayonet is stamped 28. Antique military dealers american civil war relics. Set of six timelife books on the civil war set of six time life books providing a complete history of the civil war. Older book first published in 1982 with great pictures and good solid information on a large variety of civil war guns used by both union and confederate men as they went to war. Loading, firing live and blanks, cleaning, and storage are also covered. Civil war relics, collectibles, buckles, guns, swords. The american civil war continues to be one of the most significant events in us history. W firearms, and guns by many other rivals and contemporaries.

This is an 1898made rifle that has retained 5060% of the original blue finish that blends seamlessly into a plumbrown patina. He engraved the gun in his finest traditional pattern with vine scrolls and animal heads, only on this one revolver, every figure is crying. The spencer repeating rifle was first adopted by the united states navy, and later by the united states army, and it was used during the american civil war, where it was a popular weapon. This model 1861 was the standard riflemusket used throughout the war. The blue and case colors are 97% and the wood is 97% with two crisp.

Come inside wherell discover firearms, books, and militaria that have brought together by someone who, like you, loves military history. In this title, readers will examine the weapons large and smallused by both union and confederate forces in the war. Mort kunstler heroes of the confederacy tribute 1858 revolver. Collector of civil war relics, author of three books, civil war relics of the western campaigns, 18611865, the lookout mountain cave guns, coauthor of never mace a skunk ii, the legends continue. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily the primary operator.

Guns of the civil war by dennis adler nook book ebook. The confederacy would copy the springfield 1861, later manufactured in richmond, va. Then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer no kindle device required. The confederate states of america was a government set up from 1861 to 1865 by thirteen southern states that had declared their secession from the united states. Not a book that you read cover to cover, but a great reference. Apr 12, 2011 the first civil war commemorative revolver was done during the civil war. Get the best deals on civil war rifle when you shop the largest online selection at. Engaging text introduces readers to the new ironclad ships and submarines built for battle and the roles they played in military campaigns. Gun manufacturing during the civil war the handbook of. It is 58 caliber and they were made between 1862 and 1865 and total of 12,501.

This book appeared to be very general and initially when i ordered it i was not expecting to gain a lot of information. European crossbow has a 24 18 steel bow and measures 32 long from the front loop to back of the schuetzen buttplate. This is a book you must have in your library, and may well be the most important book on civil war arms and related items to be published in this decade. The civil war witnessed a technological revolution in weaponry.

The confederates occasionally captured some of these weapons and ammunition, but, as they were unable to manufacture the cartridges because of their dire. Civil war weapons showcases studio photographs of the weapons used to fight the war between the states, along with illustrations and beautiful color paintings. Covers all aspects of cw period military weapons revolvers, muskets, carbines, etc. The real innovation to hand carried civil war weapons was the rifling of the gun barrelcutting spiral grooves inside the musket barrel. Also, a french military captain named minie invented a conical bullet that fit into a cap. Use the list below to locate a specific specialist bookseller or book store near you. Covers all weapons including hand guns, muskets, rifles, carbines, etc. Filter by all abraham lincoln artillery balls bullet bullets caisson cannon cannon ball cannons canoon cavalry collectible confederate freemason gettysburg address gun gun plaque guns knife knives limber lincoln mortar parchment pencil sharpener pistol. This page uses frames, but your browser doesnt support them.

War is a driver for technological change, and the evolution of weapons can be seen by studying the design of the civil war weapons cataloged in this attractive fullcolor reference book. This is the most complete work on civil war weapons that i have seen. Douglas southall freeman perfect condition no reserve. This was highlighted by a changeover in shoulderfired weapons from smoothbore firearms that had to be loaded through the muzzle each time a shot was fired to rifledbarrel firearms, some of which loaded at the breech. Or, use the form below to search the inventory of all booksellers who specialize. Replica guns direct is proud to represent the rich history of the civil war with over 5 unique replica civil war weapons and collectibles. New listing history of kearnys first new jersey brigade camille baquet 2nd lt. Enter your mobile number or email address below and well send you a link to download the free kindle app.

Profusely illustrated with more than 500 drawings executed by the author, the book is a must for every civil war enthusiast. Some of these have been found in the field so they were issued. Governor edward clark adopted a policy of keeping the remaining stateowned weapons within the confines of texas. Columnist and firearms historian joseph bilby has produced a comprehensive and detailed study of the handguns and shoulderfired weapons used by confederate and union soldiers throughout the war. It was released in the united states on september 22, 1992.

Known as tears of gettysburg, it was done by colts master engraver gustave young. The confederate states army was the army of the confederate states of america while the confederacy existed during the american civil war. On october 9, 1860 john parker lindsay of new york city received us. We have highly collectable civil war rifles and civil war muskets for sale in our large inventory of u. I still assign this to graduate students as an example of historical writing at its best and for its deployment of the concept of irony to the sectional conflict. Nonetheless, hardees book was produced in a huge variety of editions during the war, often for different types of infantry. Jack coggins accurately describes how the war was fought and with what. Civil war firearms share book recommendations with your. The civil war bayonet was a sharpened piece of steel that would attach to the end of a rifle.

The bayonet had many uses during the civil war from fighting to opening cans it was always a useful tool for every soldier to have. The civil war was the changing point for firearms and mr edwards documents these changes very well. Civil war firearms is a significant and important contribution to civil war studies, and of great value for antique firearms collectors. These weapons include edged weapons such as knives, swords, and bayonets, firearms such as, rifledmuskets, breech loaders and repeating weapons, various field guns such as. Within the first year of the civil war these were all pretty much replaced by more conventional military weapons.

Full of drawings, diagrams, as well as actual photographs of each gun, usually accompanied by an original photo of a soldier or person holding the weapons as well as photos of the original. Everything is guaranteed to be original and as described or your money will be promptly refunded. But the war prompted the need for soldiers to shoot straighter, further and faster. The complete story of federal and confederate small arms. The war between the north and south remains the most bloody conflict in american history with over 625,000 souls claimed. Dec 07, 2017 war in an age of wonders civil war arms and equipment. The american civil war, fought between the union and confederate forces, took place from 1861 to 1865.

This lavish and wellcrafted book is the definitive history of civil war firearms, from muskets to rifles and handguns to carbines. Remington 1863 contract rifle aka zouave rifle this is a high condition 1863 remington zouave rifle. Firearms of all types both foreign and domestically made were pressed into service during the american civil war of the 1860s. Many technological advances in weaponry occurred during the civil war, rendering the weapons far more lethal and contributing to the enormous casualties of that war. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a quick reference book.

Mar 28, 2011 guns of the civil war will be adlers thirtyseventh book. The rifle is from the collection of author thomas b. The book details the pistols, revolvers, carbines, rifles, longarms, artillery, swords and edged weapons used in the conflict, and reveals fascinating stories and facts about each type. The story deals with a group of timetravelling white supremacist members of the afrikaner weerstandsbeweging awb from an imagined 21stcentury south africa, who attempt to. Civil war muskets and riflesfall creek suttlery lds. He also includes onthescene comments by union and confederate soldiers about the equipment and camp life in general. The guns of the south by harry turtledove goodreads.

Civil war shop welcome to, the online store of battleground antiques, inc. The civil war was fought all over the united states, although mainly in the south. Guns and treasures a unique site containing many one of a kind finds. For the first year, civil war firearms reflected antiquated technology.

At the beginning of the civil war there was a increasing scarcity of guns. Coates and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. List of weapons in the american civil war wikipedia. In this title, readers will examine the weapons large and small used by both union and confederate forces in the war. The popular civil war news columnist has written a unique work, combini. These weapons include edged weapons such as knives, swords, and bayonets, firearms such as, rifledmuskets, breech loaders and repeating weapons, various field guns such as artillery, and new weapons such as the early grenade. Not really a civil war book, but crucial to understanding all other civil war books. Being a small collector of war between the states firearms, i wanted to know some historical information about a general range of firearms used by both sides. During the war, a variety of weapons were used on both sides. Civil war replica weaponry gettysburg museum store.

The guns of the south is an alternate history novel set during the american civil war by harry turtledove. Many early volunteers were issued antiquated, imported, and nearly obsolete weapons as both sides strained to meet the demand for arms. Many guns were used in the civil war, including rifles, handguns, muskets and bullets. Many young confederates left home for the civil war carrying the family rifle as that was all they had. This is out of a local estate, and is in near perfect condition. Revolutionary war, civil war 34 indian war 26 spanam war. At the beginning of the american civil war, firearms of all types were in short supply. These are the blue leather bound high quality books produced by time life books. The standard rifle of civil war, the model 1861 springfield gained its name from the fact that it was originally produced at the springfield armory in massachusetts. Perfect for decorating home or office, we offer a variety of civil war era replica weapons. If you have a civil war relic or a collection of civil war relics that you would like to sell, then please contact me. Civil war weapons civil war academy civil war academy. Pdf download civil war firearms free unquote books. Our goal is to satisfy both the beginner and advanced collectors with the finest artifacts available.

The rifle is pictured and described on page 77 of that book. I am very proud to have contributed the majority of the photos to this work, along with hours of research and editing. The civil war conflict defined the path of america for centuries to come. The rifle is pictured and described on page 77 of that book, as figure 21. Specializing in quality civil war antique guns, edge weapons and memorabilia. Deluxe gun sack, very fine quality canvas gun sack. Books about the civil war, including fiction and nonfiction selections. Guns of the south is considered the alternate history novel by many, the one alternate history novel that should be required reading in history classes and on just about every historians list of mustread civil war books. It is estimated that about one million model 1861type muskets were manufactured during the war. The kidnapping of president lincoln and other war detective stories. Information and articles about civil war guns, a weapon used in the american civil war.

American made quality with man made fleece lining to keep your firearm. The best civil war books of all time analysis civil. There are a total of 45 civil war rifles 18611865 in the military factory. Us springfield 1865 musket lockplate civil war trapdoor enfield. Spencer repeating firearms by roy marcot civil war rifle carbine musket gun book. Standard catalog of civil war firearms and millions of other books are available for amazon kindle. Guns of the civil war will be adlers thirtyseventh book. Civil war small arms, all about weapons used during the conflict. We are pleased to offer some of the finest authentic memorabilia in the world from our headquarters in new bern, nc. Due to current global situations please email to check in stock status. Civil war firearms archives page 2 of 2 jastro armory. Civil war commemorative pistols tactical life gun magazine.

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