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These are the best baits that ive found to catch winter time smallmouth. We have used and caught smallmouths on plastic worms this past summer, weve tried some small spinnerbaits and topwater lures and lizards and didnt have much luck with those in the summer. Giant winter smallmouth bass on blade baits bassmaster opens pro angler and elite series hopeful josh douglas talks about catching wintertime smallmouth on a blade bait. On the other hand, if you enjoy solitude, and like to learn even when not catching bass, then read on. Fishing for winter smallmouth can be a trying time unless you have become good at understanding winter smallies. Stream smallmouth bass also wake up from their winter slumber. Winter s on the way out but theres still time to catch a big, hefty winter smallmouth. Smallmouth bass for the seasons missouri department of. Whatever cover or structure you want to fish, its there in abundance and usually covered in bass. It comes naturally to those who obsess about river smallmouth the rest of the year, and cant really put it down once its cold. However, upon examination of water temperatures on the lakes and big rivers down south, those readings rarely fall below the mid40 degree range. Hey guys, i fish around central kentucky mainly elkhorn and stoner creeks during the spring, summer and fall for smallmouth but have never fished after october or before march.

For the winter time anglers finding the best success will require a boat to reach the fish as the smallmouth bass will move far offshore into the deeper water to follow the food. The float and fly presentation can come close at times, but the real thing is the real deal. The mystery of winter smallmouth general angling discussion. How to catch winter bass the webs best fishing magazine. We examined the winter survival of age0 smallmouth bass,micropterus dolomieu, in lakes at their northern limit of. Ice fishing techniques are pretty much the same for all fish species as a 6 inch hole doesnt allow for a lot of movement on the line. Late winter jig fishing for productive winter bass fishing. You very rarely will find someone as nutty as yourself out in the middle of a half frozen river in the dead of winter looking for a unicorn like the one below. Feb 03, 2012 if you live close to a river that holds smallmouth bass and would like to learn more, theres a feature story in my book in the chapter on winter fishing that describes the tackle, lures, and methods of presentation i employ to catch these great game fish in rivers when the snow begins to fall. Dec 26, 2003 the dnr released a study about smallmouth migration to and from the black river just a couple years ago. Mueller probes the depths of a northern lake in search of smallmouth bass. It can be a great place for just about any bass fishing technique. Top 5 baits for winter spotted bass and smallmouth youtube. They bunch up in large schools, but theyre sometimes in really tiny areas.

They know theres no better time than february and march to catch the biggest bass in any river. I love fishing river smallies in northern mn but if i had the chance to make it to the cities id love to try it. Mar 16, 2019 its time to welcome the upcoming sunshine and get ready to chase down some bass with some late winter jig fishing. And along the way, youre likely to enjoy some fabulous winter. Were going thursday on the james river north of lynchburg. The snow may be flying but fishing seasons still here. If these variables leave you undeterred, winter smallmouth fishing might be for you. Nov 20, 2006 throughout the southern smallmouth belt, the chilled waters of late fall and early winter can bring the promise of a trophy bronzeback bite. Winter smallmouth fishing small creek kayak fishing youtube. Both of these techniques produce, because the baitfish suspend in the water column in tightly packed schools in winter. Winter smallmouth fishing hi all, im looking for a little help. Snow may be flying but fishing seasons still here fishing boatus.

To get a better idea on how to tackle winter fishing, lets bring in our resident bass expert and touring pro, big fred contaoi. Jan 29, 2010 while it is true that bass will get more lethargic as the water temperatures drop, you can still have some seriously good days of fishing in the winterif you keep some basic principles in mind. Have averaged about that for many years, some years a little more, some a little less. Winter smallmouth fishing is a blast because it is rare to get a dink. When shifting your focus from largemouth to smallmouth, fishing different areas will be way more effective than changing your lure, but using these classic. Nothing outfishes live bait for winter smallmouth bass on lakes such as lake cumberland, dale hollow or laurel river lake, no matter how many new lures come down the pike.

His lures of choice are a trifecta of winning winter smallmouth baitsa jerkbait, a tube bait and a small jig. On good days i might catch close to 100, on bad days maybe 30. Best lures for smallmouth bass best bass fishing lures. You dont have to wait until its 75 degrees outside to start fishing. Like previously mentioned smallmouth feed predominantly in the winter on crawfish and sculpin and your presentations should reflect that. It was a warm february day, so i decided to break out the fishing rods for a little mid winter smallmouth action. In many large lakes, nothing beats shiners for smallmouth bass in the cold winter months. Winter fishing rewards are small and big at the same time. How to catch winter smallmouth on the fly kayak angler. Winter river smallmouth with pete cartwright bass angler. Winter time beast smallmouth mossy creek fly fishing.

Snow may be flying but fishing seasons still here fishing. Best winter smallmouth baits cold water bass fishing youtube. Best live bait for winter smallmouth everything smallmouth. Even if your state or province permits ice fishing or winter fishing for smallmouth, please practice catch and release to keep the population of the smallmouth bass strong. Winter smallmouth lures that produce outdoors unlimited. A threeday warm front from late february to midmarch that pushes air temperatures into the 60s kickstarts the fishing season. L ike forrest gump running from coast to coast, for no particular reason, i decided to try and catch a smallmouth on fly each month of the winter im lucky to live between the juniata and susquehanna rivers, worldfamous smallie waters that stay liquid through the cold months. The afflicted weep when the river finally locks up in ice, and are back on the river as soon as it opens up again.

River smallmouth bass during winter the weekend anglers diary. Bass still feed through the winter, although not as much or as vigorously. Display of fishing lures removed from patients at an er. All you have to do is keep a positive attitude and dress warm and throw the right lure in the right place. The john day river in northeastern oregon is by many avid bass anglers estimation one of the best places to fish for smallmouth in the world. Good smallmouth fishing also is a hallmark of the fivemile stretch from long pool to arkansas 164, just above lake dardanelle. For fall fishing, moynagh recommends keying on areas where the fish winter and working over the nearby transition areas.

The water is cold and you wont make it very long if you take a swim. Dec 23, 2015 ive heard of people doing it before and was wondering if anyone had any kind of experience with it. In the wintertime i like to fish either a football head jig or a drop shot or a tube jig. Summer smallmouth fishing can be easy, but what about in the winter. Giant winter smallmouth bass on blade baits bassmaster. Smallmouth bass are more often found in deeper lakes and reservoirs where water temperatures. Admit it, you are probably bored out of your mind suffering from cabin fever and bass fishing withdrawal syndrome. Winter smallmouth fishing small creek kayak fishing. Simplifying cold water smallmouth with brandon palaniuk. Head to the mississippi river to cure your winter blues. Largemouth bass information smallmouth bass information open water fishing winter 2006 early season. Ill take any chance i get to shake off cabin fever. Click here to download a pdf of the oregon bass fishing flyer. If a pool has a spring, smallmouth will congregate in the warmer flows.

A handful of dedicated, knowledgeable anglers dont wait for warm months. Smallmouth bass cruise under these schools looking for those alewives or shad acting peculiar and pick them off. If you plan on fishing by boat i have a few suggestions. Dec 18, 2016 if you cant enjoy an outing unless you limit by nine in the morning, then your winter bass fishing should entail a trip south of the border. Winter fishing in ultra cold water can be one of the best times of year to catch giant smallmouth. I didnt get to fish my jig much in the first few hours because i was too busy netting james nice. The truth about riflescope brightness and how to pick the best hunting scope for low light shop. Best bass lures for winter best bass fishing lures. Winters on the way out but theres still time to catch a big, hefty winter smallmouth. Smallmouth bass that hit live bait in winter dont fool around. Dec 09, 2011 on the smaller floatable streams i most often fish, i average around 50 bass per day during the warm weather months. The best part about fishing in the winter is theres no competition. The juniata river, his preference because it sees less fishing pressure, is quite shallow in the late season, prompting the angler to switch to his smaller, aluminum jet boat.

The great thing about winter smallmouth fishing is the solitude. Winter survival of age0 smallmouth bass, micropterus dolomieu, in. Nov 06, 2015 i really dont have words to describe how good the smallmouth fishing is on rainy, moynagh says. When spring approaches, finding late winter smallmouth bass can be akin to the proverbial needle in the haystack. James came with two rods, one for fishing live shiners and the other for fishing a smaller, lighter jig. Smallmouth bass normally finish spawning by the first part of june and start feeding aggressively as the water continues to warm. The winter brings on tough fishing conditions, not to mention uncomfortable fishing. Gaining knowledge of the area you intend to fish beforehand will help you catch more and larger fish.

I am looking to fish the susquehanna for some winter fish, and was wondering if there are any warm water discharge areas to fish in the northeast portion of the state. How to fly fish for smallmouth bass in winter flymen. A handful of dedicated, knowledgeable anglers dont wait for warm. When it comes to fishing for wintertime smallmouth the gear needed to be successful is minimal. If youre like me, you miss the warm sun on your back and the bend of a 8wt rod with a bronzeback on the other end. Water levels are normally high this time of year, letting bass move freely and scatter from winter habitats. Holston river smallmouth bass, river fishing during winter, river smallmouth bass fishing, soft plastics for river smallmouth bass, swimbait rigs for river fishing, swimbaits for smallmouth bass, tailwater trout, tennessee fishing, winter fishing for trout, winter smallmouth bass. John day river smallmouth bass fishing spring tactics that. The rapala jigging rap works well for cold weather smallmouth and is a top choice for anglers fishing through the ice or open water. Natural bait, such as crayfish and minnows, or jigs tipped with pork rind are favorites of winter smallmouth anglers, but presentation is critical. How to fly fish for smallmouth bass in winter during these frigid winter months i often find myself thinking about something dear to me smallmouth fishing. Apr 03, 2020 3b outdoors tv with host nathan light and guest pro angler brad burkhart tightlining for wintertime smallmouth bass at cherokee lake, morristown, tn all source. The lake itself is a big body of water with plenty of rocky points and perfect habitat for big smallmouth.

The river is mostly shallow with backwaters, vegetation and submerged wood. Winter bass fishing can be difficult if youre not used to locating deep fish but if you put in your time it is one of the best times of the year to catch big bass. Hd it sounds like you enjoy cold water fishing as much as i do i do have a waist high pair of cabelas neoprene but havent used them yet keep in touch if you consider some winter smallmouth in the selinsgrove area. Where to fish interactive fishing atlas fishing maps downloadable.

Fly fishing winter smallmouth in missouri duration. Number two, bring a change of clothes just in case you do take a swim. Our spring season in the north can be pretty unpredictable but most years fishing becomes very consistent sometime in the middle of june and only improves as the summer progresses. They discovered that smallies especially the larger ones would migrate in the spring from their wintering holes on the mighty miss all the way to the dam below lake arbutus again, repeat, lake arbutus thats 20 nautical miles each spring. What started as a personal challenge turned into a learning experience and one hell of a fish story. Not only does he discuss how, he demonstrates ultra fat smallies eating the metal. Best winter smallmouth baits cold water bass fishing. Smallmouth bass, among the most important iowa gamefish, are most. I went last saturday and saw one smallmouth, he ch. Most of your winter time fishing on either lake will be done between 3565 with the best fishing typically in the 4050 range.

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